24/7 Emergency Response

From transportation accidents to facility releases, GEC offers clients 24/7 Emergency Spill Response services. Located in Northern Virginia, GEC can effectively respond to major transportation arteries and industrial areas of Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland. Our experienced and accredited team utilizes GEC’s personal fleet of response equipment to contain, remove and dispose of both hazardous and nonhazardous waste on land and inland water. GEC understands the importance of any successful spill response depends on rapid response, experienced personnel, and the right equipment for the job.

Since our beginning, GEC has strived to achieve its reputation as a responsible and dedicated service company. When called, we are depended upon to protect the clients’ interests and solve their problem…the spill. We conduct these tasks in compliance with local, state and federal regulations and guidelines. We are proud to say our commitment has earned a long standing and solid relationships with our clients and governing authorities alike.

Upon arriving at an incident, GEC’s first and foremost objective is to identify the spilled product, quickly evaluate the situation and implement the necessary tasks to contain and remove that product. Our goal is to return your site to its pre-spill condition. Larger and more complex spills that may have impacted soil and waterways may require an initial stabilization, followed by characterization, abatement and finally decommissioning. GEC understands there are no “typical” spills and that each incident will present a multitude of variables, challenges and environmental concerns; however, our operational system meets these variables by maintaining an inventory of materials and equipment that can by mobilized from our office within minutes of receiving your call.


Examples of spill responses include:

  • Petroleum releases
  • Chemical releases
  • Tanker roll-overs
  • Pipe ruptures
  • Storage tank releases (both UST & AST)
  • Transport container leaks/decontamination

Call any hour, for a quick, dedicated and professional response.