More and more home and property owners are taking a responsible role in protecting the environment. Most do not realize the amount of pollutants they have in their homes until a situation presents itself. The results may be contaminated water source, spills of forgotten pesticides or chemical cleaners, broken mercury thermometers, leaking fuel tanks or severe mold growth in the home. Whatever the problem, GEC provides the same reliable and cost effective services to residential customers. Most issues arise during property sales or refinancing and usually at the last minute. Home inspections may reveal mold growth, heating fuel storage tanks or accumulated quantities of pesticides, paints, etc. Many farms have “family dumps” that have been forgotten. All of these, and more, can easily delay or prevent sale of the property and obviously reduce its value.

GEC understands the discovery of pollutants in or around your home is not “business as usual” for our residential clients as it may be with commercial or industrial businesses. Businesses generally have spill plans in place and will implement when a situation arises. A chemical spill at your home, and they do happen, causes stress, property damage, possible displacement, repair and unexpected costs. Whatever the problem, call GEC and we will provide the expertise to quickly and efficiently get you back to your “normal life”, and above all, give you the peace of mind knowing your problem will be taken care of by professionals.


Our residential services include:

• Spill response
• Underground storage tank removal / closures
• Above ground storage tank removal
• Mold remediation
• Air quality issues
• Hazardous waste (pesticides, accumulated petroleum products, etc.)