The majority of goods we use in our lives are transported over highways, railroads and by air, many of which are considered hazardous materials. During transportation, the potential for a spill is at its highest risk and usually moving at high speeds. If an accident should occur, these chemicals are usually released over large areas and in an uncontrolled manner. Highways are closed, people may be injured or evacuated, numerous government resources are deployed, and the environment has been impacted. Such an emergency requires a response company with experienced personnel, the right equipment, and understanding of the importance of the situation for the owner and authorities alike. An excellent working relationship with multiple government entities proves an invaluable asset during a stressful time. GEC has the strong reputation that can ease the situation for their client.

GEC has responded to and successfully mitigated petroleum and chemical tanker roll-overs, bulk chemical reactions/releases, chemical and petroleum transport fires, onboard fuel releases, and completed long term remediation activities. We have conducted petroleum clean ups resulting from aircraft accidents and provided remote access to such sites for authorities. During site activities, constant interaction with our clients, governing authorities and insurance representatives has brought many projects to successful closure and has made GEC a trusted name in the spill response industry.

Located in Loudoun County, Virginia, GEC can effectively respond to main transportation arteries of Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia. Interstates 81, 70, 270, 66 and 95 are all within quick response time from our office.