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Whether working on our own or in conjunction with engineering firms or government officials, environmental services have been a major part of GEC’s business since our beginning. Many environmental situations legally require a responsible party to clean, remove and dispose of the environmentally harmful material, which is why our clients rely on our certified and experienced team time and time again.

GEC’s team is experienced in every step of environmental remediation. We start with identifying the contaminant and from there determine the best – and safest – remediation plan. This may require liquid or solid waste removal, excavation, tank removal and / or air filtration. We place found contaminants and clean-up materials into appropriate recepticals and transport them to a proper disposal facility. Our last step is check that all contaminants have been removed and, if necessary, provide replacement material that restores the site to its condition prior to the environmental release.

Our typical services include but are not limited to:

Field testing
Industrial cleaning
Vacuum services (petroleum and non-hazardous liquids)
Impacted soil removal / disposal
Underground storage tank removal and disposal
Structural fire damage stabilization
Investigative support (body recoveries, chemical related suicides)