The last thing a company wants to deal with is an environmental incident. The highly visible and public nature of industrial and commercial sites can result in negative public opinion and, ultimately, loss of business. An incident due to mechanical failure or poor environmental housekeeping can have significant costs and result in penalties, damaged equipment, insurance claims and threats to worker health. GEC’s team acts quickly to minimize both our clients’ down time and the threat to their customers and tenants.

GEC understands that while many of our industrial and commercial clients have contingency plans in place for environmental incidents, each and every occurrence requires attention and reports. Our team will help you with every step of the process from initial response through cleanup and documentation. We can also assist you with insurance claim process.

GEC offers a multitude of services to their industrial and commercial clients. Whether ongoing environmental maintenance of facility’s, storage tank management or emergency response.

Examples of Industrial Services include:

  • Vacuum Truck Rentals
  • Storage Tank Cleaning & Removals
  • Separator Cleaning
  • Containment Cleaning and Coating
  • Storm Water Discharge Management
  • Waste Characterization/Disposal
  • Steam/Pressure Washing
  • Controlled Demolition
  • Petroleum & Chemical Transfer
  • Liquid and solids transport
  • Excavating and general contracting services