Most associate “Emergency Response” with highway, railway or marine accidents. GEC also provides spill response services to fixed facilities such as manufacturing/process plants, distribution centers, warehouses, hospitals and yes, even hotels and private residences. Any location handling, storing and/or using hazardous materials is a candidate for a spill. Most commercial facilities that store or handle such materials are required to develop spill prevention plans and obtain a response contractor in case of an emergency. GEC can help meet these requirements by providing a Response Agreement for your location. Upon your request, a representative of GEC will conduct a site visit to your facility. After reviewing your list of onsite materials, potential migration paths, receptors, accessibility and other conditions, we will begin an active file in our office. This will provide vital information to our responders in the event an incident should occur. This has proven a valuable tool, allowing our responders to focus directly on the situation at hand and not spending precious time familiarizing themselves with the property.